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The best Microsoft Teams Migration Tool?

Microsoft Teams Migration Tool | Teams Migrator - Saketa

Microsoft Teams Migration from Saketa Teams Migrator, the best Microsoft Teams Migration tool to migrate Teams, Channels, Conversations seamlessly.
Microsoft Teams Migration Tool, Microsoft Teams Migration

Run smart, swift, and smooth migrations of entire Teams from one Office 365 tenant to another with our Microsoft Teams Migration tool

Migrate to the most effective collaborative platform effortlessly with Saketa Migrator

Teams to Teams Migration

Teams to Teams
Migrate Teams to Teams
SharePoint to Teams migration

SharePoint to Teams
Migrate SharePoint sub site as Microsoft Team
File System to Teams Migration

File System to Teams
Migrate File system folders as Team Sites
Slacks to Teams Migration

Slacks to Teams
Migrate Slack to Teams
Teams Migration
Migrate entire Teams along with its associated SharePoint Site.

Work with the same team and enhance your collaboration by migrating Owners, Members & Permissions.
No need of starting over as you can just migrate your Teams settings Tabs & Apps to your destination.

Channels Migration
Preserve your private channels as well as your public channels during migration.
Migrate all your files, folders & items at the destination without any hassle.
Save time managing Permissions & Settings by simply migrating them.

Conversations Migration
Effortlessly migrate all your Messages & their respective Replies.
Keep all the fun by easily migrating all Mentions.
Migrate your entire metadata to your destinations with ease.

Customized Migration
Run smooth migrations during the hours that best suit your schedule with Saketa Scheduler.
Choose the pace of your migrations and migrate at high speeds with Turbo Mode.
Handle unresolved users by mapping source users with target users with User & Group Mappings.
Migrate only what you need or migrate everything you have with the fully customizable Copy Options.

Effective and efficient migrations to enhance and empower your business growth from the best Microsoft Teams Migration Tool

Asked by: Saketa S. | Location: Seattle, WA | Jun 18, 2020

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