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Rains have brought the ants. Have tried all the standard stuff like Grant's, boric acid, etc. Decided we need an exterminator. Any recommendations?

Asked by: Christopher W. | Jan 24, 2010

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Aqua S.

San Francisco, CA

Jan 24, 2010

Try Diatomaceous Earth (D.E), it has to be poured around perimeter of the area you want to protect, but serves as a defense by cutting up the exoskeleton of ants.


Jennifer M.

San Jose, CA

Jan 24, 2010

I've heard positive things about "Sensitive Solutions" - they are a division of Killroy Pest Control: Especially good if you have kids and pets . . .


Joe C.

San Francisco, CA

Jan 25, 2010

Try Pestec. They claim to be green about their exterminations.


Tom E.

San Francisco, CA

Jan 25, 2010

For outside treatment of ants,use a strong water pressure stream on their trails. Or call Terminix.

For inside treatment (around food, pets, etc.) spray with Windex on sites of infestation and ant trails. The ammonia in Windex kills ants on contact. Then simply wipe the counter or site clean with paper towels or a clean cloth. No toxic residue.

It is simple and safe and it works.


Diana M.

Meadow Vista, CA

Jan 30, 2010

Clear Skies Pest Elimination, are really good. Fair prices and good customer service.
They can be reached at 650-871-2808


Paul K.

San Mateo, CA

Jan 31, 2010

I had the same problem last spring and it turned out to be the dog food in the kitchen. I bought a new plate where the sides don't rest on the floor, stopped using salmon flavor, and that seemed to solve the problem. You may or may not have the same situation, but that worked for me.