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Welcome to the Pet Friends circle

This circle is for animal lovers to share information about pets and pet care. The circle is open and anyone can join it.

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Recent Reviews
Jul 09, 2010
Scottsdale, AZ
I just moved to Arizona and wouldn't you know it my Porsche started leaking oil. I ended up going to see Frank at Beck's Porsche Shop and I'm glad that I did.

Frank is very nice, honest guy... [more]
Apr 13, 2010
Mountain View, CA
In April of 2008 I was referred by my eye doctor to go see Dr. Volpicelli for a Lasik procedure. I was incredibly pleased with the results and the process. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and r... [more]
Mar 27, 2010
San Mateo, CA
We've been dieing to find a great Chinese restaurant in the San Mateo area and we finally have. Apus is fantastic. We usually do take out and a personal favorite is the Lemon Chicken. Very reasonabl... [more]
Mar 25, 2010
Tallahassee, FL
Avant-Garb = best vintage store in Florida. Maybe in the US. Heather (aka. hottie owner) has great taste in clothes, vinyl, accessories and jewelry. Oh yeah, and she's also a master jewelry maker. Stop... [more]
Mar 24, 2010
Tallahassee, FL
Ahh Momo's......You'd think that I'd be able to find a better slice in NY, but alas, nothing compares to you! With all the flirty, handsome pizza throwers, the personalized slices, and the cheap beer, ... [more]