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Beck's An Independent Porsche Shop

8225 E Butherus Dr

Scottsdale, AZ




Phone: (480) 556-6572


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Rob B.

Scottsdale, AZ

Jul 09, 2010

I just moved to Arizona and wouldn't you know it my Porsche started leaking oil. I ended up going to see Frank at Beck's Porsche Shop and I'm glad that I did.

Frank is very nice, honest guy. In addition to some oil leaking problems, I also had a problem with my horn. Originally the dealership told me that the horn and airbag assembly was a $1500 repair job. Frank and his team did the job for a couple hundred dollars.

Frank is very personable and a true Porsche enthusiast. I'll certainly be back again. If you own a BMW or Porsche, I'd suggest stopping by Beck's European.