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Ould Sod

3373 Adams Ave

San Diego, CA



Phone: (619) 284-6594


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Austin D.

San Diego, CA

Nov 23, 2009

At the risk of being ostracized by my "regular" friends, though, there were some serious issues I have with the joint:
- You still have to BRIBE the karaoke-master/mistress. I thought that was a unique thing that the jokers at Lamplighter do, but apparently it's a universal, or at least a SD thing. Money talks, BS gets bumped to the bottom of the list (or, rather, not added at all)!

- The staff (the karaoke master and at least one of the other staff) gets up there and sings. Now I'm all for everyone having some fun, but on a Saturday night, when there is an "hour and fifteen minutes" wait as I was told when I gave my request, then the staff goes up there and sings some numbers, THAT AIN'T RIGHT. (note to self: call Turko files)

- This place is not a dive bar. Drinks were not "dive bar" cheap ($5.50 for a draught pint); plus the bathrooms were clean. I didn't have to hold my breath or anything while in there! By my reckoning, that makes this place a faux dive.

All in all, it was a fun night, though, but much more so because of the company than the establishment itself.